Navistar Loses $80 Million in Second Quarter as Revenue Declines

John Sommers II for TT

Navistar International Corp. lost $80 million, or 86 cents a share, on revenue that declined to $2.1 billion during the fiscal quarter ended April 30, as the manufacturer also set aside an extra $60 million for its reserve fund to deal with used trucks with troubled engines that are largely exported.

Jonathan S. Reiskin | Associate News Editor
June 7, 2017
Government, Business, Technology, Equipment

Editorial: Growing Pains From Progress

With East Coast ports beginning to welcome the largest containerships capable of passing through the recently expanded Panama Canal, trucking will soon feel the effects of this new era in shipping.

June 5, 2017
Government, Equipment, Safety

Fleets Differ on Low-Rolling-Resistance Tires Ahead of Tighter GHG, Mileage Standards

Yokohama Tire Corp.

As tightening federal greenhouse gas emission standards are pushing trucking toward low-rolling-resistance tires for trucks and trailers, several fleets are re- porting mixed results on the fuel efficiency, cost, durability and even safety of these tires.

Fran Matso Lysiak and Daniel P. Bearth | Staff Reporters
June 5, 2017
Business, Equipment

Growth of Regional Hauling to Lift VNR Sales, Volvo Says

Volvo Trucks North America

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Volvo Trucks North America expects market shifts that range from the expanded Panama Canal to the strongest construction market in a decade to lift demand for its new VNR regional- haul model, company representatives said.

Joe Howard | Executive Editor
June 5, 2017
Business, Equipment

Chassis Providers Tout Equipment Upgrades, but Truckers Offer Mixed Reviews on Progress


Chassis providers have invested millions into renovating their equipment and buying new units to provide draymen a better experience, but while some trucking executives praise the work, others still haven’t seen the payoff.

Ari Ashe | Staff Reporter
June 5, 2017
Government, Business, Technology, Equipment

Tire Makers Work to Develop Product Lines That Promote Greater Fuel Efficiency

Tire makers say they continue to develop more fuel-efficient products ahead of tighter greenhouse gas emissions standards.

Fran Matso Lysiak | Equipment Editor
June 5, 2017

Metro Xpress Combines Longhaul With Local Cartage to Develop a Competitive Edge


Operating a longhaul service with local cartage is a winning combo for Wichita, Kan.-based Metro Xpress.

Laurie Wiegler | Staff Reporter
June 1, 2017
Government, Business, Technology, Equipment, Safety

Telematics Providers Going Mobile to Expand Capabilities Outside of Cab


The mobile device revolution, started by the release of the first Apple iPhone 10 years ago this summer, has transformed the way fleets communicate with their drivers. For many years, fleet telematics relied solely on proprietary, fixed-mount units in the cab to serve as driver interfaces, but today many telematics vendors offer fleets the ability to communicate with their drivers through mobile devices, ranging from personal smartphones to proprietary tablets that can be easily removed from the cab.

Bruce Lilly | Special to Transport Topics
May 29, 2017
Business, Equipment

Stagnant Equipment Orders Signal Pause in Investment

Meg Roussos/Bloomberg News

A second straight month of stagnant orders for business equipment in April indicates investment in capital goods could slow in the second quarter, Commerce Department data showed May 26.

Sho Chandra | Bloomberg News
May 26, 2017
Business, Equipment

Auctions Move Variety of Truck Types; More Buying Activity Shifting Online

Taylor & Martin

The used equipment sold at modern truck auctions includes much more than older models on their final legs. Today’s auctions move a wide range of equipment ages and types for a diverse set of buyers and sellers.

Evan Lockridge | Special to Transport Topics
May 22, 2017